CO-FOUNDER / Algo-Trader

Petr’s trading beginnings can be traced back to 2008.

After finishing his studies of the statistical processes in Sweden, he got an opportunity to work in Paris, where he began to focus on studying automated trading strategies for futures markets.

He soon found out that he can widely use his knowledge of statistics and the theory of probability in trading thanks to the automated trading principles. In his first year of live trading in 2013, he had been able to increase his trading portfolio by 72% return a year.

Passionate algo-trader and educator, Petr has on his record hundreds of online seminars, 1on1’s, live classes where he’s been passing his best know-how.

In 2015, while teaching one of his live classes, he’s been offered an opportunity to co-found a Hedge Fund. He built his team of mathematicians, statisticians, programmers, and data scientists.

Thanks to that 5-year professional experience, he has built extensive know-how in algorithmic trading. He has been actively contributing to leading Czech financial magazines over the years, and his most valuable course on Building Automated Trading Strategies with TradeStation is widely recognized and appreciated. 

Based in Prague, the Czech Republic, Petr still enjoys sharing his valuable know-how with his students. In his spare time, not working on his other projects, he enjoys spending his time with family and friends.



Peter is the co-founder and passionate data scientist. With over eight years of industry experience, he is responsible for our most successful algo-trading strategies.

His passion for finance started already in high school. Fascinated by financial markets, he began to play with technical and fundamental analysis.

His first trading records can be traced back to 2012, where he was studying a bachelor of financial mathematics, he traded mostly stock options. After moving to Prague, he continued his masters with a specialization in probability, statistics, and econometrics. 

Next to his studies, he learned programming in Python and machine learning. He developed his first algo-trading strategies and applied ML for long-term investment decisions.

Prior to being offered an opportunity to work for a hedge fund, he worked in a bank as a data scientist. He’s been responsible for developing machine learning models based on the client’s financial behavior. This expertise helped him to extend his know-how that could be applied to the financial market.

In the hedge fund, he extended his experience with futures and stocks trading and continued applying machine learning into the company’s algo-trading systems.

Performance-oriented and data-driven, his programming skills in Python allow him to develop, test, and optimize trading strategies very effectively.

A true explorer in every way, Peter enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. Currently based in Medellín, Colombia, combining the lifestyle that he loves with the work that he is really passionate about.